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In this section, screenshots shows how the changed/created web content can be published from the editor's point of view.


In order to publish just created/changed web content you need to click an exit button (at the bottom of the navigation area) and then just confirm your decision once again in the popup window which will be opened. 

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myty gives you also possibility to see a list of all offline data records just by clicking on offline data record in administration of changes area (navigation area on the left).

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myty framework displays a list of all offline page content just by clicking on offline page content in administration of changes area (navigation area on the left). Here you are enabled  to see, edit and delete offline content and you can also check the content files which you want to publish.

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The screenshot shows a table with offline site navigation statistics. You can see it just by clicking offline site navigation in administration of changes (navigation area on the left).

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