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Screenshots are organized according to topics below in order to help you to browse through them.

  1. Shop Module
  2. Our Support

 Shop Module


myty gives you opportunity to provide online services to your clients such as e-shopping. Using Shop module you can always add new product to your online product list through shop structure (navigation area on the left) and filling in all necessary product information.

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myty allows you to add a new payment type by clicking on define new payment type in the payment type area (shop module in the navigation area on the left) and filling in the form.

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The screenshot display the receipt list. You can access it by choosing receipts in shop module (navigation area on the left).

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The screenshot shows the list of orders. You can access it by choosing orders in shop module (navigation area on the left).

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In the Shop light module, shipping charges are graduated accordingly to region and ordering price. Here you can define new shipping costs clicking on add new entry.

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Our Support


We provide the support information in the following way (enlarge the screenshot).

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If you have a question, check if we already didn't answer it. Use our FAQ topics/groups to search for your case.

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