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In this sectiobn screenshots are organized according to points below in order to help you to browse through them.

  1. Web Content Editing
  2. New Page
  3. Snippet Tool
Web Content Editing


myty gives you the possibility to edit text in the content area without any barriers. This screenshot shows how the marked text can be changed, in this case the pointed icon cleans text from Word/HTML formatting. In the same way you can make text bold, italic etc. (using appropriate icons).

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Here you can see the picture insertion process. To do it you need to put the cursor in a place you want to have an image and then choose the picture icon from the toolbar. The insert image window will open where are all picture options will be showed.

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In order to link text, you need to mark it first and then choose the link icon from the toolbar. The linking window will open where all possible options will be displayed.

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New Page


The screenshot shows how to add new page to site navigation structure of the website. To do it you need to choose new page from site structure (site navigation area on the left) what will open the structure window where necessary information must be fulfilled (name, label, position of the website etc.)

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Next step of adding page is choosing a template for it. In order to do this you need to choose template icon in the site structure frame (arrow point is on the screenshot). It will open a template window where all possible templates will be listed.

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Snippet Tool


In myty, web designing can be done by placing snippets in the website areas. On the screenshot you can see the template snippet window with the snippet list which are used in the content area.

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myty enables you to add snippets from the snippet list specially designed for your website.

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