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Administration screenshots are organized according to points below in order to help you to browse through them.  

  1. Language Setup
  2. Toolbar Setup
  3. HTML Cleaner
  4. Editors Rights
  5. Database Manager
  6. File Manager 
Language Setup


myty allows you to create your webpage in as many  languages as you want. To adjust the number and kind of languages - the language setup is used. In the setup you also choose a standard language for your website and you can deactivate some of languages.

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Toolbar Setup


the toolbar setup is used to adjust the options that are available to the users in the toolbar. You just need to check the functions you want to use in your website.

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HTML Cleaner


You can state here which html tags or Word formatting characters should be cut out from the selected text when you use the HTML cleaner function 

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Editors Rights


You are able to add a new editor and/or edit his rights in the editor manager. You can change passwords, assign to groups and select other rights here. 

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Database Manager


The database manager shows you the content of the data tables, and allows you to administer them with unbelievable ease. You can also edit your data from database by using the action icons (on the right in the database table).

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The database manager is really simple to use,  to generate a new data table just fill in a request form and the rest will be done automatically.

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You can create new tables or change existing ones by adding or editing entries in the data-tables by using the built in editing forms.

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Here you can connect data  tables by filling in all necessery information. To do it you need to click on module setup in the Database Manager area (navigation area on the left).

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File Manager


You are enabled to  see all lists of files by clicking the choosen list from the file manager structure (picture files in this case - bilder). After you checked the picture, you can edit, insert or delete it by using the action icons from the table. 

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A file manager allows you to upload and organize your files on the server so that you can use them later.

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